About Our Company

Comfort Air-condition was founded by Shiekh Nazeeh Redha with the ambition and strategic plan to organize a professional group of technical solutions providers to the HVAC industry and related markets. Nazeeh Redha Group has multi-disciplined activities including Construction and Contracting and this expansion to the very related HVAC industry has been a strategic extension of Group's activities. Comfort has been providing the market with high quality comprehensive HVAC solutions, mainly targeting the OEM manufactures in the region such as Carrier, Trane, Gold Star, York, etc. as well as their end user industry, having installation base of Chillers, Package Units, and other HVAC products/solutions.Comfort has developed accumulative competence for catering to the specific requirements of HVAC Manufacturers and related industries. Our core strength has been in the design and development of various electrical & mechanical products & components for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration systems manufacturers in the Middle Eastern markets.An uncompromising attitude towards efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness sets us apart from the rest. We take humble pride in the sense of achievement we feel every time we develop a solution that adds true value to our client and help reduce their overall end product cost.Our commitment to our clients reflects in the quality of the products we furnish and the professional attitude of our staff guarantees a growing sense of trust and customer satisfaction always. An integral part of our business program is developing the scope and depth of our product range to increase its overall comprehensiveness, meeting high standard expectations in current and future developing markets, including caring for the aspects of the Green Environment Movement.Today, we are on the journey carrying forward the vision to create new dimensions to our group and strive to become a major driver in our line of business.