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Our Service & Maintenance Division has highly skilled team; engineers and technicians who are trained and experienced on different equipment from most of the leading HVAC brands and they strictly adhere to HSE requirements. Our focus is to help our clients prevent business disruptions caused by HVAC equipment breakdown and to prolong the service life of your asset.

Our engineers can travel wherever required to work on projects both large and small – throughout GCC and across Middle East – and we will complete tasks on-time and within budget.

For the customers with Preventive Maintenance Contracts, we plan, schedule and perform timely services to minimize breakdowns, maximize performance and increase the life of your HVAC system. Filters are regularly cleaned to remove dust and bugs keeping air quality to a high standard and your environment clean, safe and healthy.  

Comfort also offers comprehensive Testing & Balancing services of new and existing HVAC systems by qualified and experienced engineers in accordance with BSRIA, CIBSE and ASHRAE codes of practice. Testing and Balancing involves the adjustment and balancing of HVAC components to ensure that both the Design and Specifications are met.

On completion of the Testing and Balancing, a full report is produced providing a complete and accurate record of the installed equipment and performance test sheets which are placed within the Operating & Maintenance Manual.

Attaining the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Enterprise Infrastructure Lab certification offers numerous advantages that go far beyond technical knowledge. Holding this coveted credential recognizes one's exceptional grasp of enterprise networking, setting them apart as industry leaders. Furthermore, holding the CCIE EI Lab opens doors to global networks of experts providing collaboration opportunities, knowledge exchange, networking connections and potential future employment. Finally, earning this prestigious certificate demonstrates one's dedication and excellence within networking industry.

CCIE EI Lab certification not only demonstrates technical skill, but also illustrates a mastery of complex networking challenges. From designing scalable solutions to troubleshooting intricate issues, holders of this CCIE EI Lab certificate possess an in-depth knowledge of enterprise networks - this ensures greater job satisfaction as professionals are equipped to contribute meaningfully towards their organizations' success. As digital landscapes shift and technological progress increases, the certification stands as a mark of unwavering commitment to growth, innovation and technological progress in an industry driven by modern connectivity and technological progress.

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